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moving pictures


Beaumonts Stinks

This 5-minute epic won the Texas Monthly Magazine "Where I'm From" competition.

Skellikin Feet

cut paper/stop motion

Valentine Shards

clay pot/chalk/stop motion

My Funny Valentine


1-minute entry for competition

painted cut paper/stop motion


Love Triangle

Three stories of love?

cut painted paper/stop motion






I've Gotta Be Me

whether I'm right... whether I'm wrong...

here's a video I made

paint/stop motion



Selfish Freak 

Sara Hickman music video

directed by Robert Greeson

(we collaborated on the animated portions)

watch it:

Ent-omology:  The Making Of


Short, stop-motion movie about the making of Ent-omology, a 2012 painting inspired by the magical realism of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.



Thank You Very Much

Stop-motion "thank you" to the volunteers at

Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas, Texas.



It's Halloween, Butt...

Hiney Halloween!  Okay, so it's not exactly Poe, butt...



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