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Real Mothers: A Mum, A Moms, My Mom, A Grandma and a Couple of the Greatest Mothers of All Time

Whether she's simply wonderful, from hell, alive or dead, everyone has had one: a mother.

Oh, sure, we've all known a few sorts who were more likely concocted in a bathtub or spawned by a something with scales, but, come on, it's Mother's Day, when all our mothers are great and we are all great kids, so stop blaming her for all your problems.

Let's blame dad instead.

Herewith, are some drawings of a few noteworthy mother-types in recognition of all the noteworthy mother-types past, present, factional or fictional. These are some of the nicer ones--no infanticidal maniacs, mutiple-birth addicts, pageant moms, or anyone obsessed with their own celebrity or the use of wooden coat hangers.

(...or how much you drank...)

(I don't know what this quote means for sure, but I think she's saying it's better to buy a chicken than a painting. If that's so, then, dern you, Granny!)

Happy Mother's Day, Mothers!

And remember what your mother told you...

"Never steal other people's work and always wear clean underwear."

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